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Mac - Old drives and folders cannot be deleted from catalog.

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  • Official comment
    Thodoris Chorianopoulos

    There is a separate post in the section for Win environment .

  • AJ Saulsberry

    Hi, Sorry, it looks like this issue is still outstanding in

    The "old" drive appears when you open C1 16.2.0 for the first time, then if you "Locate" the drive (or the top-level folder in the directory structure) at the new drive letter location the Locate process works correctly and the old drive is removed. But when you close and reopen C1 the old drive is back. 

    This also applies to deleting a drive with no folders or images in the catalog. 

    Perhaps it will help to note that the drive with the target images has just moved to a new drive letter and the structure hasn't changed, which is different set of circumstances than moving a directory structure to a new location on the same drive or to a different drive when both the original and target drives are still connected.

    Thanks and good luck with this.

  • Jack W

    Hi AJ Saulsberry - you're 100% correct and sorry for providing false information. I've corrected the post.

  • Gary Blessington

    This is happening on PC too. Version

    I have two drives showing (0 images on both drives), which I can remove, but they reappear when I reload the catalog.

    Both of these drives are where the catalog *used to* reside at some point.

  • AJ Saulsberry

    The issue I reported is also related to Windows 10 and 11. Not sure if it coincides with a macOS issue or the issue title is just a typo, but it has been a consistent behavior through several C1 releases, including 

  • David Edge

    Certainly happened to me on Mac, but I got round it by importing the catalogue into another. Obviously stops you working for a day or two and requires swathes of disk space, but it was a successful workaround.


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