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Fujifilm GFX100s - Wireless Tethering

Not currently planned



  • Luís Filipe da Cunha

    Why not leave it up to users to use it or not? It would be excellent if it were possible; I don't like cables and I can shrink files to almost half the size with the Lossless mode on the camera.
    Please implement this function for the GFX100s .-) Thank you.

  • Christian G
    Product Manager

    While we don't have network tethering support (hereunder wireless tethering) for the GFX100S planned, we have just launched Capture One Pro 16.3.2, which (among other nice features) added Network tethering support for newer the GFX100 II (wireless + ethernet cable). 

  • Luís Filipe da Cunha

    That's great for those with the GFX100II, but there are a lot more people with the GFX100s who would appreciate having it wireless. Is it technically possible? Thanks.


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