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  • C-M-B

    Thanks for lettings the rest of us know how the numbers look.

    I've been wondering what price they'd charge for those "upgrades" and it's really absurd. It's questionable whether that decision will pay off for Capture One in the end, I don't think the revenue stream will jump up as they expected.

    Especially when most (if not all) of the new "features" are either extreme niche stuff for a handful of people or brand or even camera specific... or just plain gimmicks.

    If anyone disagrees: keep in mind that that's what they used to charge for A FULL VERSION UPGRADE.

    Yes, you heard that right. That was the price you had to pay ONCE if you were to upgrade from version 19 to 20 for the full license upgrade. ONCE. Now it seems like they want you to pay that around 4x a year.

    So that's 179$ x 4 (unless they decide to release more than 5 "upgrades" per year) AND the initial purchase price for the full version.

    That's living in clown-cloud-cuckoo land. 

  • Martin Tolley

    C-M-B - you may be correct about the revenue not increasing. As a "non-upgrader" to a perp licence since 15.2 (nothing of value to ME in recent "developments") I have been receiving many emails offering me a 50% discount which are time-limited, and then the deadline extended... and then a "last chance to ..." etc, really feeling a tad desparate to me.

  • C-M-B

    @... I think it highlights a huge issue: CaptureOne is definitely overpriced OR they're bleeding money and need the cash asap.

    You couldn't afford to offer regular discounts for a quality product with a stable revenue stream.

    Imagine a photographers who always offers discounts up to -50% yet his "regular" prices are outrageous compared to his competitors. Who would hire him/her? What sort of message is that to those customers that actually pay the full amount?

  • Martin Tolley

    John Friend, you may well be correct. I'm not a marketeer and what you say seems a sensible strategy.  But to me it's noticeable that I didn't have the persistence of these offers (every few days); or the size of these discounts before the current change in regime. 


  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

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