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Mavic 3



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    According to a post on Mavic Pilots forum, Adobe has not made DNG Raw color profiles for the Mavic 3 yet and should have them ready by December 20211. However, there is already lens support for the Mavic 3 - it’s inbuilt by DJI into the actual DNG file. Unfortunately, it seems only Adobe software is capable of reading these adjustments23.TellHappyStar Survey

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  • Eivind Røhne

    I’m not really sure what your comment is about MelvinPadgett… I want Capture One to make a better DNG profile for Mavic 3. I’m not talking about what Adobe has done or not. I’ve made a profile/style manually in Capture One that is many times better than the results Capture One gives me, so it’s very doable for Capture One to make their profile many times better than mine.

  • Phillips

    I have a hard time finding DNG RAW files from the DJI Mavic 3 shot at f/5.6 ... DNG is the name of the RAW format that DJI drones produce.The DJI Mavic 3 drone is an impressive and powerful drone that is packed with advanced features and capabilities and reviews.

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    Creating a profile on the Mavic 3 DNG is a simple and straightforward process. The Mavic 3 DNG is a powerful drone that offers high-quality aerial photography and videography capabilities, and creating a profile allows you to customize settings and optimize your drone's performance.  Vampire Survivors


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