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Color Tag Folders



  • ian carlson

    I work this way as well and would love to see this functionality, very frustrating for e-com product shoots where file names are SKU or PLU numbers that match barcodes etc... everything needs to match and be double checked and be auditable. 

  • Markus Dettweiler

    I was just about to send almost the same request on this page but you already said everything.

    Please C1 Team change that possibility and give us that small but huge feature that all digitechs are missing since ever.

  • Kilkwang Park

    I was just about to post the same request but you guys already said all.

    It’s a basic functionality for other software but missing on capture one and make our lives so difficult

  • Kilkwang Park

    Color tag functionality has been requested for a long time but c1 doesn’t consider real user’s feedback

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Kilkwang Park – look at the list of requests in this forum that say "Implemented" or "Logged". Your assertion that Capture One doesn't listen to its user community is wholly inaccurate. Just because they didn't implement your request doesn't mean they aren't listening. The more upvotes a feature gets the better chance they will log the request and evaluate implementing it.

  • Kevin Robbins

    Can't this be done using Filters and/or Smart Albums?


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