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Pictures, edits, ratings and albums aren't saved after closing C1


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  • ernst.w

    Mostly a catalog is or can be repaired during or after checking it. This - if I understand your writing - does not happen. One way would be to go back to last (functional) backup.

    There is another - I would say "last" - way to repair a catalog. It was a hint from C1 support ... and it worked in similiar cases:

    • Try to check you catalog as good as possibel. Then close it.
    • Create a new empty catalog.
    • Import your best version of you catalog into this new one.
    • During import there are a lot of checks. you will be ask e.g. for (offline) images without guilty path and so on.
    • (I personally have leared to stop the import, when I see a lot of similiar errors and correct them before starting a complete new attempt. But you can correct every singe error one by one too.)
    • It lasts as long as needed. Be patient!
    • When import is finished, you will find an album wherein you find your projects, groups and album structure. You can pull the content out of the temporar collection (and delete the now empty one).

    I needed this way twice in 15 years. In my cases it worked nearly perfect. (of course demaged imaged may fail.)

    Kind regards


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