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Find / Filter all Variants



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    filter for virtual copies aka variants.

    A workaround in C1 is to make use of the

       main menu > Select > Select by Same > variant position

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    BeO is right about the (fairly easy) way to do this.

    I'd also add that the issue Phrank has encountered is a reminder of how albums work. They are virtual collections, and deleting from an album, or indeed deleting the whole album, does not delete the images in question. You have to go back to the actual folder they are in to do that. And that's a good thing, in my view. As Phrank found, you can put together an album, use it for a temporary purpose (such as trying out a different look) and get rid of it again, without harming your original images.


    EDIT: though I ought to add that using variants is a good idea. The flipside of using an album is that what you do to the images in the album is done to the actual images, so if you just try out a new look on them the new look is applied to those images wherever they are found, in the original folders and in any other albums they may have been added to. If you don't want the existing edit on the original variants changed, use a variant.

  • Phrank

    Thanks to everybody for the infos.

    @BeO this workaround "main menu > Select > Select by Same > variant position"  helped me now to clean up my library. I still would prefer if there's a simple smart search function.


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