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Lack of cataloging support for videos means I'm done with C1



  • Martin Tolley

    I think C1 is missing a trick here. What professional wedding or event or documentary photog these days, shoots only stills? Press photographers increasingly have to submit video for website production too. Photographers are story tellers and basic catalogue handling to structure the narrative of events to include video is already a requirement at many levels and that need isn't a fad that's going to go away for pros.

  • FirstName LastName

    John, Capture One isn’t designed as a video editor, or to catalogue same. Lightroom is more aligned to your way of working, especially Lightroom Mobile. Good luck. If you to want edit videos, try the free version of Davinci Resolve, amazing value.

  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    Replying to FirstName LastName (who does not have a unique user name so I can't reference you here).

    I NEVER asked for C1 to be a video editor and don't expect it to - there will always be better tools for that.  I merely asked for it to properly support videos in the catalog (sorting, metadata awareness, keywording, etc...).  In this day and age, if C1 wants to limit themselves to ONLY customers that never shoot videos and never want to catalog them along with the photos from the same event, then they can just chop their available market down to a lot, lot smaller market.

    As Martin said, C1 seems to be aiming at a certain type of professional photographer as the target for their recent features and many of those professionals are also going to have video associated with the events they shoot.  Those very pros would likely appreciate being able to catalog all the media from an event in C1 if that's their chosen tool.  Why use C1 only for cataloging photos?  That's just downright silly.  A pro these days will want one organizational tool for both video and photos from their events.

    I'm not a pro myself, but my travel photography involves some video.  If C1 continues to ignore video, I will indeed probably switch back to Lightroom.  I'm posting here to share this feedback because my preferred choice would be for C1 to just fix the cataloging features for video.  One could actually say the catalog is just buggy as hell for videos because it lets videos into the catalog, but then lots of catalog features flat out don't work for videos in the catalog.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    John Friend

    I did take the chance to finally try out Digikam (that is supporting videos) and how it works together with C1. I focus on images for now. 

    I did this once with Photo Mechanic Plus but I gave up because of too many compromises and imcompatibilties. My goal though was a perfect bi-directional metadata exchange including (or mainly) for raw files. And I couldn't stand the PM+ user interface.

    Lowering my expectations now (wrt bi-direktional metadata exchange)
    There is a way to see the previews from C1 in digikam, that is you create jpg files in the same folder, and the jpgs also hold the metadata for searching (metadata input in C1 though), you can group the jpg files with the raw files, or any file by datetime of capture, thus even have a jpg representative for each variant, and drag&drop the raw files to a C1 session if you want to modify either the image adjustments or metadata. I bit tricky to search for jpgs but dragdrop raw files in digikam but doable.

    Point is, this drag&drop works with Windows C1 15.2 but no longer with v23. Can you do me a favor and try dragdropping image files from Windows Explorer to a C1 session album?


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