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GFX tethering issue 16.2



  • C-M-B

    Yeah that's one of the bugs they "introduced" back with the last few updates for CaptureOne22.

    The camera is perfectly fine and so is your cable, it seems like when the camera goes into standby or seep and then is turned back on, the connection is not re-activated and CaptureOne is sort of acting like it's still in sleep mode.

    That was one of the many reasons why "upgrading" to CaptureOne 23 was never an option for me anyway. 

    The last known stable version to work with GFX cameras is - with 15.4 you'll start having issues.


  • cristian barnett

    Thanks, I've been experimenting with older versions so thanks for the heads up on - much appreciated.

  • C-M-B

    You're welcome. Sadly CaptureOne support and developers are very much inept when it comes to bugfixes.

    Personally I would expect them to fix their mess and deliver at least another update for CaptureOne 22 where they fix it so that I can use the last few additional tools and updates to CaptureOne 22 with my camera. But alas they are a greedy and lazy bunch.

    The fact that they still haven't fixed it for 23 speaks volumes. 


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