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Differences NEF /DNG


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    After import of a NEF-file into C1PRO and subsequent (unchanged) export of this file as DNG-file there is a remarkable difference when viewing both files in C1PRO .  TellRubyTuesday

    My impression is that there is something strange in the processing of lens corrections in the DNG-file (NEF contains an inbuilt Manufacturer Profile / profiles for the relevant Z-lenses are not offered by C1 in the list for Nikon profiles) . In addition there is a difference in the intial color presentation of NEF vs DNG (both files are showing Nikon Z6II PRO Standard ICC-Profiles) .

    Have others similar experiences ? Do you have explanations for this behaviour ?

    Thanks for yor help - Paul


    Importing a NEF file into Capture One Pro and subsequently exporting it as a DNG file may result in noticeable differences. These differences could be related to the processing of lens corrections and the initial color presentation. Users have reported similar experiences, likely due to the absence of inbuilt Manufacturer Profiles in the DNG format and discrepancies in color handling during the conversion process.








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