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Custom ICC Files in Sub-Folders?



  • Jack W

    Have you tried creating a sub-folder within the path that you mention? I would expect them to come up under a separate heading based on what you name the sub-folder.

  • Helmut Kaufmann

    Hi Jack. Yes, I did. Then they do not show at all anymore.


    You should not reference profiles in the bundle. 

    There seems to be a newish bug with Mac OS with ColorSync folders and loading them into C1. The ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder is missing on my Mac OS install, and even if created Capture One can not see profiles in it. 

    You can (if you are admin) install them in the system ColorSync folder (Mac HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles) and these do load into Capture One.

    Another issue maybe the class/type. Make sure the profiles have the right class (input device) for use as Camera profiles other wise they might not show up. 


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