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Mac: Copy & Apply Distortion provides wrong result comparing to the manual application of the same value




  • Official comment

    This issue is fixed in the new release of Capture One (16.3.2).
    Follow the link to download the latest version: 

    The release notes are available here: 

  • Nico Kaiser

    Not sure if this only applies to macOS, maybe this also applies to the Windows version?

  • Helen

    Hi Nico Kaiser, this issue is not reproducible in 16.2.3 on Windows.

  • Nico Kaiser

    This is still not resolved in 16.2.4.

  • Jarjan Fisher

    Don't worry, the Windows version also still has unresolved bugs... Even after I've now been promised 3 times that it'was fixed. (Light falloff is not applied correctly when using custom styles and a lens correction, leading to over-exposed edges.)

  • Sebastian Reiprich

    I was so happy that they finally tackle those issues, because I reported some of them in summer of 2022 already when the last major release of C1 was still around. Then I paid again for another perpetual license hoping that this year the issue will be fixed. But time is running out for my license and I am not willing to spend another 300$ for something like 3 months of updates.
    And even if this bug will be fixed eventually you have to fear something else becomes broken. Starting with C1 23 the importer oddly remembers the images I imported the last time and keeps them selected. So you have to manually deselect them before choosing the images you actually want to import to avoid getting duplicates. But support told me this would be by design…

  • Jarjan Fisher

    Quick update from my side: The Light Fall-Off issue when using custom styles IS now resolved for WIN in the lastest version (16.2.5).

  • Nico Kaiser

    In 16.2.5, pasting Lens Distortion values works, UNTIL I restart Capture One, then the pasted value is set to 0 again.

    - Open any photo for with C1 decides to set Distortion Correction to 0 by default.
    - Make a New Variant
    - Set Distortion Correction to 100
    - Copy Distortion Correction value
    - Paste it to the Variant (looks good so far)
    - Restart Capture One
    - Distortion Correction value is 0 again on the variant

    Honestly, I completely lost the trust in the Capture One developers/QA staff, I'm more than done with this.
    I switched to Adobe Lightroom, and despite having paid subscriptions and perpetual licenses for 8 years now, customer service would not honor this kind of "Loyality" and basically said "fuck you, we will only give you a 60% discount on a perpetual license" [which is still more than one yearly Lightroom subscription], so I can only test this mess until October.

  • FirstName LastName

    How are you finding Lightroom Nico? I tried to switch a couple of months ago but struggled to get used to it. I'm considering trying again and ditching C1. I don't like the library management in LR though so I need to find a work around. Basically I don't want my editing tool to manage my library at all.

  • Nico Kaiser

    I know Lightroom, I have been using it for quite some time before switching to Capture One. I also tend to organize my files and projects in the filesystem (as opposed to in some software catalog). But LR also lets you save the adjustments and settings inside the XMP sidecar files (even better that C1, which requires its CaptureOne folder or EIP files) alongside the RAWs, so I can remove the RAWs from the catalog and re-add them if I need them.

  • pixmania

    I am still running into scenarios where this ugly feature popped back up. I have a workflow where I have Group folders inside of the working session Capture folder. I move folder of images from within C1 Library tab. When I move images this way (as well from in the OS finder), the aggravating double correction appears. We work in and I share .eip images with a coworker, and they often get to him double applied on his Mac. We did not have this issue on an older version of Cultural Heritage C1.

    I really shouldn't be having this issue with such a professional and expensive camera system and workflow.

    C1 Pro 16.3.8 - Mac Studio M2 Ultra - Mac OX 14.4.1 - Phase iq3 tri, 120 4.0 - tethered  

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    If you have not already reported the problem to your CH support/supplier team then I would certainly recommend that you do so.

    Also directly to C1 using the "Request Support" link you should be able to find on the top line of each page, browser permitting.


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