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Lack of functionality, not reacting



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    I use CaptureOne 20 Pro on Mac and the computer is regularly updated. What do you think is the problem?

    I am not a Mac user, but if you do regular updates does this include the OS itself? Then check this table

  • JoJu

    FirstName LastName

    the current C1 version is at least 3 newer than yours, so it might be difficult to help. Also, posting in the "Improvement of Capture One"-board  is not the best place for getting help.

    What you should also really do to help the ones trying to help you: A better description of what you were doing before C1 20 stopped to react would be very helpful. I have only a very vague idea:

    Tethered shooting involved? Camera? Connected how to the Mac? Mac also restarted (not only C1)? OS is version 13.5.1? Hardware (mouse) is working in other apps?

    Just imagine, you have to explain your problem in a comprehensive way before you can expect help. Please, a bit more effort from your side would be a good start.

  • FirstName LastName

    I've been using this program for shooting with attached PhaseOne camera for years and I've never had this kind of problem before. There's nothing I can mention as a previous act: the problem occurs randomly, you just face with the impossibility of clicking to certain icons. One is working for a while then it stops. Today I had the biggest problem as none of the menus could be clicked and I couldn't use the program for shooting or doing any post production. I think it should be a softwer problem. I've discussed this problem with the local dealer of Phase One and their suggestion is to write the problem here. Every other program (PS, Word etc) on my Mac works perfectly except CaptureOne. :(


  • BeO
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    Assuming you checked what I suggested...?

    You are almost there, Firstname, this is a user to user forum and this sub forum is about improvement ideas. Nothing wrong with that but you won't get what you want here, as only a very good description plus log files and knowledgeable  C1 staff can help you further, if you ask me. You can find a link "request support" on top of this page.

  • Denis Huk

    Hey everyone!

    This sounds like a bug and not a feature request, so I'm moving this post to the legacy Capture One topic.

    Consider creating a support request!


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