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Remove Dust / Remove Spot – text on button



  • Camperrin

    It would certainly make things clearer! +1

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Good suggestionThomas.

    With just the two options is it really necessary to have an extra menu at all?

    (I appreciate it may be a requirement of UI design philosophy consistency or the way the UI system works per se.)

  • Kevin Robbins

    To clarify for the OP and commenters, there is the dropdown for the TOOL selector, but the text that says "Remove Dust on the grey background is a BUTTON to initiate the AI dust removal process. These are two separate things. The BUTTON will activate the dust removal AI feature. The dropdown will select the manual dust/spot removal tool.

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    Kevin Robbins

    Thanks for pointing this out.

    This really isn't very intuitive. The help page (Auto Dust Removal) doesn't make it particularly clear that this is how it works. And the multiple references to "dust spots" – as opposed to dust and spots – doesn't make it any clearer.


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