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We need real "Auto Sync" for CP1.




  • Raymond Harrison

    Would you be able to articulate the request without the need to watch a video?

  • Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi M.D. Welch

    Thanks for the suggestion and for taking the time to make this video. 

    A few comments and tips regarding the topic: 

    • Usually, anything that you apply with a keyboard shortcut while having "edit selected" enabled will apply to all images. And anything applied with clicking in a tool applies only to the primary variant. Keywords and Styles being to very obvious outliers to this rule. You can set a color tag to all your selected photos by pressing the shortcut for it.
    • Speed edits are very useful to edit dozens or hundreds of images at the same time. The behavior is a bit different from what you are describing because speed edits make relative adjustments and not absolute ones.
    • The reason for having an "edit selected" toggle is to allow our users to put multiple images on their screen while working only on one if needed, for example to color match. This user experience has been extended to most tools, including the export for the sake of consistency - consistency that we have failed to achieve, as I mentioned in the first point. You might have also noticed that in the recent versions, this "edit selected" toggle has been enabled by default for all users and removed from the default workspace to reduce the confusion, and indeed get closer to the standard expectations of working on multiple images.


    I cannot communicate if we will make changes to this part of this app in the future, but I want to clarify that no changes to this are coming in the next release.

  • M.D. Welch

    Thank you for getting back to me. 

    I am attaching another video to go in deeper detail on this.

    But I want to stress that I don't think keyboard shortcuts or Speed Edits really solves the problem. As someone that teaches both of these programs on workshop, and college level classes, I can tell you that these are not intuitive solutions and they turn off people to your program. 

    Not to mention as I demonstrate in the new video, they are not solutions that really save time and can cause bigger issues.

    Password: captureonespeededits

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Hi M.D. Welch.

    There are a couple of comments I want to make.

    Star rating and color labels

    First, I think you misunderstood Mathieu regarding keyboard shotcuts.
    In your second video you mention "keyboard modifiers" as a tip from him, but I think Mathieu actually means using the keys on the keyboard alone, not as a modifier, e.g. pressing the key "5" will star rate all selected images (Edit selected enabled).

    Other keyboard shortcuts: I have assigned one key for red, one for blue and one for green (as they are my most used colors when culling) but you can do this for each color.

    Second, if you do star rating or select a color label using a single image clicking in the respective label field below the image, as you showed, you have to have the Browser labels in their "Edit mode", which you have.
    You can disable this function in View>Customize Browser>Labels, set it in "Status mode". This disables the setting function hence eliminating not only this function but also a source of possible confusion, for users coming from LR. It also helps me to be sure that I cannot accidentially click on the stars and change them inadvertently.

    For star rating and color labelling you can use the keyboard keys, as mentioned, but also the (big) right-click context menu, both methods apply the stars and colors to all selected images (Edit All selected enabled). No need to copy&apply the stars and color label. In practise, I use the keyboard for star rating and my three preferred colors, only for the rest of the colors I use the context menu.


    I do support your request regarding the IPTC field input being applied to all selected images. However, there are situations where I want to change a field for only one image. That means I have to toggle "Edit all selected" or change my selection more often. So, it is changing one tedious task (copy&apply) with another (toogle button or change selection). Not sure which approach wins over the other, that certainly depends on details of your workflow, personal preference and LR experience.

    But I can tell you how I am working around this issue for a part my metadata, i.e. persons. Instead of using the name 02_Chris_Baldwin in the description field I put the person names as a keyword. That is because I very much like how the keyword tool works when selecting multiple images, e.g. how it shows with the minus sign in the keyword if not all selected images have that specific keyword, and clicking on it applies it to all, speeding up my workflow, especially as the IPTC fields don't work as in LR. You can easily create a dedicated keyword library for the student names even before your university shoot and throw it away afterwards. 

    You can also use a keyword for Color or BlackandWhite, speeding up your process because you can use the keyword editor.

    Of course I don't know your exact needs and full workflow, e.g. it is possbile that you need the number_name in the description field later e.g. when delivering, then the keyword workaround falls short.

    And of course you cannot employ this workaround for all metadata fields, the keyword tool would be crowded hence next to unusable.

    The thing here is, sometimes it is better to change your workflow here and there to accomplish your goals better by the means available in the given software, despite the given restrictions.

    But again, I think your request for metadata editing when "Edit all selected" is enabled would be an improvement.

    Editing tools

    On the other hand, I don't think I'd like to simultaneously set a tool's values to all other images the way you propose. I think having selected all images I want to change, "Edit all selected" enabled, working on one image at time and then copy&apply or shift click the tool's arrow is a better approach, for me. Your milage may vary of course.
    In addition, Speed edit for simultaneous "delta-adjustments" is available though I don't use it.


    • There are (maybe) better ways to achieve in C1 what you need, for parts of your workflow, as outlined above
    • I support your request regarding synchronized IPTC field input, though it is not a free lunch
    • I don't want to loose the current behaviour for editing tools


  • Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi M.D. Welch, thanks for the second video!

    I think I understood the points well the first time, but my reply may have been poorly worded. As pointed by BeO, I was referring to keyboard shortcuts and not keyboard modifiers. Keyboard shortcuts will apply to all selected images just like they apply when you press 1/2/3/4/5 for the star ratings. 

    As mentioned in my previous comment, I do not think this is good enough, consistency should be a baseline of our user experience, and metadata is an especially problematic one. All of this has been documented internally and your feedback has been noted, we will follow closely this thread :) 

  • Wolfgang Stoiber

    I can understand if folks refuse to click on external links in these days...

    But, having now watched the videos, I think they both perfectly convey the workflow problems, M.D. Welch is trying to address with this request. And it's fair to compare how competitor products solve such things.

    Coming from LrC (using it since the beta in 2006) and now with 4 years of experience with C1 I can totally relate. For me, SpeedEdit solved most of the AutoSync issues regarding "developing" images - the "Library" or metadata stuff is very annoying though...


    And yes, I have to confess: In Lightroom I was also burnt by accidentally "Auto-Syncing" when I realized too late that I had more than one images selected. But hey that's what the history panel is for, right? right?!?

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Ok Wolfgang, Auto-sync bundled with history panel, that sounds like a good deal :-)

  • Van Damme

    We need a good and realiable sync function between the pro desktop and the mobile version.
    My work folder on my Mac should be accessible on my phone. So I can do minor edits on the road.
    Now I have to export and import and on. I see ni use in using c1 mobile unless there will be a sync function soon.
    If not I degrade my subscription.


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