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Ver. 16.3 download is recognized as Unsafe by Norton 360 and MS Virus scan. Also errors from the firewall



  • Official comment
    Frank Schroeter

    All our installers are signed with a certificate by Microsoft. Make sure you download Capture One only from our website or from the Windows Store. 

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    From what I've seen elsewhere, this seems to be particularly a Norton thing, and other security software doesn't cause the same issue. 


  • Frank Schroeter

    Norton has some products that employ heuristics to identify threats. We have seen complaints pop up after our releases a few times. It seems like the heuristic does not like software it has not seen a lot of times before. We unfortunately cannot submit Capture One installers to Norton to train their model, because they are bigger than what Norton allows to upload.

    So if you experience this, just create a manual exception in your security software.


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