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Can I open a .session file that was created in Capture One in 2005 ?



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Maybe create a new session with the latest version and import the images from the Capture, Selects folder of the old session. Make sure to check "Include adjustments". 

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    If you have some of the older versions of C1 for the intervening years you could probably get the older sessions to update in stages to a level that a more recent versions would support.

    Going back through the release notes for new versions should offer some guidance.

    However, as I recall there may have been a couple of fundamental processing engine changes since 2005 and undoubtedly a lot of tool changes, all of which may make the results slight different to what they were originally.

    Unless the session has thousands of images and you want to process all of them it may be easier and more effective to create new session and import afresh. 

    But try BeO's suggestion first if the session source files are well contained within the session folder structure or even outside the session but from a few easily identifiable original image folders and their C1 related sub-folders. 


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