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Identify the point of focus for each image



  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Yes! Many cameras provide this information. Let us see it when we want to.

  • Peter Uhlemann

    In LR, there are plugins to show the focus point. That should also be possible in C1.

  • As Doug, I also think this tool would be very useful. I came across this post by searching on google how to find my focus point in Capture one. Why would I need it?
    recently my camera Canon R5C went to the tech service because I was experimenting issues with the behavior of focus.  I did a portrait photo test and I was now trying to see the exact point of my focus. While in the service, I saw that canon has a tool that shows exactly where the focus point is on camera. I believe also show the type of focus point used.
    Well, I would be awesome to have that tool, also for many people practicing his skills with focus while reframing before pressing the shutter.

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  • JoJu

    Walter Rowe, I thought there was an "improve this forum" thread to bundle similar requests?

    Like this one:                    Zoom to camera's focus point                                    

    But I admit, I was too lazy to read through 117 threads containing "AF-point", especially in this lousy forum software.

    Back to topic: I also support the possibility to switch on AF-points used to focus and agree with the thread opener about the focus mask tool which to me is rather useless, usually it also shows clearly blurred areas, not matter how high or low the offset is adjusted. Maybe it's more useful for tethered shooting, but to check images for focus with this function is a waste of time and effort.

  • Scott Hutchinson

    Agreed. For Nikon cameras, this is clearly in the metadata as their own software can show it. We just need C1 to include it and let us visualize the focus point.


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