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Can't load dng file which is generated by Lightroom classic(noise reduction)



  • Graham Smith

    There are a few things going on here.

    C1 edits aren't saved in DNG files, or XMP files 

    Lightroom DeNoise AI won't work on DNGs, only raw files, which are then saved as Linear DNGs

    In the latest Adobe update they changed the Linear DNG format from version 1.6 to 1.7 and C1 doesn't read the updated format. This issue has been raised with C1 support and passed from them to the C1 developers.

    In LR or ACR, Adobe recommend running denoise AI before making any edits, because the changes made by the denoising can interfere with the edits.  If you have made any edits in LR, Denoise Ai is still run on the raw file, ignoring any edts, and the existing edits are re-applied to the DNG.

    Currently if you want to use Adobe denoise AI from C1 you need to use the "Open with" option in C1 to send the raw file to Adobe, run denoise AI in Adobe and then export the DNG created by Adobe in an older DNG format that C1 can read I think it needs to be the 1.4 choice in Adobe. I haven't actually done this but others have. I primarily round trip to  DXO Photolab for de-noising.

    Assuming C1 fix the compatibility problem, you will still need to use "Open with" in C1 to send the raw file to Adobe, but Adobe should then save the denoised Linear DNG alongside the Raw file, which will then be accessible to C1.

    If you are using sessions, the DNG should be immediately visible to C1, but if you are using a catalogue, you may need to sync the folder in C1 to add the DNG to the C1 catalogue and make it visible to C1.

  • Graham Smith

    I have just realised that this asked in and answered in another question. I don't think I have added anythng to the previous answer. Maybe a little.

  • Juan Mejia

    Good News.
    That issue has been fixed with the new version


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