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Enable Capture One to import DNG files processed in Adobe DeNoise



  • David Williams

    There's lots of discussion about the DNG format that results from using Enhance against raw files on Adobe and other sites, so my hope would be that Capture One would be able to deal with this using the information that's in the public domain.

    I don't feel it's appropriate to link to other sites here, but a quick search on the web will turn up plenty of information.

  • FirstName LastName

    I believe this limitation started with the new release of Capture One 16.3 (when they introduced the AI subject masking)...because I remember using this technique a few months ago with version 16.2 and didn't have issues importing the DNG created by Adobe Camera Raw back into Capture to continue my manual process.

    Maybe is a combination of Adobe Camera Raw 16 and Capture One 16.3

    In any case, please find a solution to make this files accessible to CaptureOne please

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    This started when Adobe updated their DNG format. Capture One doesn't yet support the newer DNG format.

  • Graham Land

    A real problem that seriously impedes workflow and limits my low-light situations to Lightroom. Reported it back in early November. Understand it is now on their bug list. Agree that when Adobe first introduced LR denoise there was no issue, those dng files still can be worked on. Sadly didn't remain that way for long, fingers crossed remedied soon.

  • David Williams

    Agreed - I have LR Denoise images that were converted at that time which were, and still are, readable in Capture One, but any images processed after the change to how LR compresses the Denoise-processed images has now resulted in Capture One not being able to even see those images as importable files.

    I'm really missing having Capture One to use in processing my images, and hope this can and will be resolved soon.

  • David Williams

    It appears that this is now "Implemented" in  

    I updated Capture One today and all Enhance-NR.dng files are now appearing and editable.

    ...however, there are no lens corrections available for the resulting DNG file in Capture One, as the file is not corrected for distortion, and no Distortion, Sharpness or Light Falloff settings are available for the image (shot with a Nikon 14-24S on a Z9) even though the metadata for the file does correctly reference the lens, focal length, aperture, and camera used to create the original raw file.


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