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  • Robert Gyori

    A true head scratcher from my view. How can mixing together 2 notably different operating system forums possibly make anyone's life easier? BAD move.

  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    Filthy Lucre Filthy Lucre * you should have given this vote in the following thread few days ago, just like I did:

    *I have marked both your accounts, as I don't know which is preferred by You.

  • FirstName LastName

    Oh no! Combining Mac and Windows sections feels like mixing apples and oranges. Each OS has its unique challenges and solutions; separating them keeps the troubleshooting  game clear and focused.

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    On the other hand, all issues aren't OS specific, and it doesn't take that much effort to specify what OS you're using.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Since few posters see the need to state which OS they are using for those who can be bothered to chase a poster to find out it will often mean an extra post or two to get the information.

    Maybe the objective of the move was to generate more activity in the forum? Any sort of activity, not necessarily productive activity. 

    Having given the combined forums a go I find it really frustrating, more often than not, to not know the likely OS (let alone the OS version) when assessing whether to engage with a post asking for help or advice, especially when the answer may be related to specific, OS related, technical issues.


  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Threads are revisited by new posters.

    In terms of requesting support counting threads is not always the best indicator.

    The majority of users, I suspect - at least those who post in the Community seeking support, seem to be MAac users. Often looking for Mac knowledgeable support with a knowledge of what version of OS support which versions of C1, though they may not know that or think about it when they post the question.


    I not the the Known Bugs Topic will often refer to a problem that is specific to an OS.

    Also that the frequent Release Notes documents have separate sections to list fixes for Mac and Windows, though some do indeed overlap as one might hope.

    I'm not at all sure that everyone who may be able to help will readily offer free assistance and engage with those seeking help if every time they have to ask which OS (and maybe version of OS) they are using.

    It's a waste of one's time and delays a response to the person asking the question if the answer is OS (or other technical factor) specific. 

    I really doubt that that most users  - especially very occasional users or new joiners - will readily adopt to a habit of reporting the technical background they are working with. Most would not even think about it, in my experiences over the years. They may not even know without extensive checking.

    Over the years, as things got more complicated, I have backed away from offering any suggestions to Mac users as, form time to time, some have pointed out that I don't know what I am talking about at the level of support they require (but have not originally communicated).

    They would be right, but then it would also help both of us if they started out by reporting their level of expertise.

    So now, to continue to try to help people in some way, I have to filter through many more posts (not just new threads) to try and work out (or just guess) which may be worth responding to.

    I could make a case for enforcing the inclusion of the user's hardware platform and OS level somewhere in the thread creation process  - but I know very well from past experiences in direct customer support on multiple platforms, that they often will not know or will mis-identify. Mis-identifying, just to get through the posting process,  may be worse than not knowing.

    Maybe I'll just be more selective.

    After all the "Improve Capture One" Topic seems to be trending to be the "catchall" thread for problems as well as ideas for enhancements of functionality. Even for older C1 versions. Maybe that will be enough in the future.




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