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Importing as original file names?



  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    If you are shooting fully tethered, historically speaking, such that your computer is managing the camera functions, the camera's internal processing is not used for file naming and so there is no "original name from the camera" to use. This may be changing in some recent camera releases from some manufacturers that allow saving to card in camera even while shooting "fully" tethered.

    The alternative would be to connect the camera to the computer to save the images with their camera generated file names to a specified folder (Hot folder) and then set Capture One to monitor that folder for incoming files.

    If you don't really need the computer to be in full control that might be the best option for your need as described.

    However, if you are shooting with one of a handful of quite recently released cameras there may be other options open to you. I can't tell you what the options might be as I don't have a recent camera with new options.

  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    I miss how "another photographer" is at play here - do you use the camera interchangeably, you tethered and they "freehand" - and you want to have consistent, continuous naming of files to validate that all photos are available, what the order of shooting was and so on?


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