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How do you get the country / state / city in the IPTC metadata to show up in the Places filter?



  • Harry Weide

    I got the country / state / city information to show up in the filters, but it was dumb. In the metadata for each photo I added either a real value to the "Location" field, or a "." (period). Then the data showed up in the Places filter. Luckily, I really only need the PLACES filter for a single album containing 50 images. I can live without Places data for the other 1,450 photos.

    The question still remains of why I even had to do this.

    The only possible thing that I can think of is that I started off using a session for these photos. I then decided that I could work with them better in a catalog, so I did the necessary exports and imports to do that. My guess is that the original country/state/city data was assigned in the session, and for some reason it didn't trigger the Places filter in the catalog. So I had to update the location metadata to trigger the change.


  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    When I set the preference so that C1 generates XML files, the location information is in the XML file. I just wanted to confirm that the metadata is in fact there.


    In the metadata for each photo I added either a real value to the "Location" field, or a "." (period)  Then the data showed up in the Places filter.

    That confuses me. You verified that the Location is filled by synchronizing to and looking into xml files, but you had to enter the location manually (where?) or set a period?

    Did you verify your metadata in the metadata tool?

    Location is only one field (unlike Scene), so how can your real Location be counted in the filter when you set a period instead of the real Location?

    I assume when importing your images from the session into the catalog you have selected "including adjustments", right?


  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    Walter Rowe has linked IPTC in another thread and it seems, that there are some obsolete location/place fields. Is it possible, that in one program you typed that info into one of the obsolete fields, while Capture One prefers to use a more modern version of standard? Or in reverse with C1P being late?


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