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Merge managed catalog with referenced catalog



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    A few thoughts.

    1. Whether it's wise partly depends on how many pictures we are talking about. How big would the combined catalog be, in number of photos?
    2. There's really no such thing as a managed catalog and a referenced catalog, just managed photos and referenced photos. A catalog can include both. If you have managed photos and would like them to be referenced instead, you can just drag and drop them from the "In Catalog" section of the Library tool to the folders of your choice. (Do it inside Capture One not using Finder / File Explorer.)
    3. Any easy way to combine catalogs is to import one into the other. Either create a fresh master catalog and import the existing ones into it, or choose one of the existing catalogs as the master one and import the others into it. (You do this from the File menu - see screenshot.)

    4. I suspect that it would be good to move existing images from Managed to Referenced (see 2. above) before importing catalogs.
    5. I suggest that you create a couple of small test catalogs with a few images in each and then import one into the other to see how the process works.
    6. Do none of this without ensuring you have a good backup of everything.



  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    I think Ian Wilson summed it up very well.


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