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Apply image corrections from one subject selection mask to another image's subject selection mask




  • Official comment
    Product Manager

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for the post! This is indeed an obviously valuable workflow and was unfortunately cut from the first version of AI Masking.

    However, it will be part of a new release soon. :)

    Update: This is part of Capture One 16.3.4 released on January 18th.


  • JP

    I  agree 100% with Danny, its insane that we cant do that with the new update. I wouldve thought that it wouldve been obvious...

  • FirstName LastName

    Yes. Danny is totally right here. Please correct the issue. This is a no-brainer that C1 needs to correct. Thanks for pointing this flaw out Danny.

  • Josh Belmont

    I agree, it feels like this implementation would have been obvious. It’s how LR works. If I have an adjustment layer with an AI generated mask (subject or background) and I copy/apply that layer to another image, I would intuitively expect that AI generated mask to recompute. It makes no sense that it doesn’t, as a background or subject mask will not fit subsequent images.

    This would greatly improve the feature’s usability across images and massively speed up bulk edit workflows.

  • Robert Reichert

    Yes, I agree here.

    Also, I believe existing masks should be capable of being changed to an AI generated mask (subject/background). Or the AI generated request is just a selection and not an auto generated layer. Would doing something like that assist in fixing the OP’s issue?

  • FirstName LastName

    100% agree with Danny. I get asked the same question from many photographers that are getting the hands on Capture One, and they always surprise why that doesn’t work like Lightroom.

    I’m looking forward to see an update on this matter soon

  • Danny Batista

    Yes John it looks like they updated it 8hrs ago, and the majority of the comments are from 14hrs or more ago, but doesn’t hurt to also comment thoughts on what improvements should look like or how it should function. Hopefully future comments have some direct feedback on what helpful little inclusions could be added.


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