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Fujifilm Capture 1 Express Cancellation



  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    You should request a refund on the styles.

  • Barry Justice

    The internet is awash with people totally pissed with C-1 (commercial,  professional and amateur alike) and for more reasons than killing off the Express version so you are not alone here.  It's beyond belief that a company would go so far out of it's way to drive as many customers as possible to the competition.  It's pure greed and arrogance.  The day will come when it will be too much and they could go under but hey,  today's upper management will be long gone with their outrageous bonuses.

  • DJFriar

    And if they refuse to refund you on the styles, just dispute it with your credit card. The fact they are actively disabling the software and not just stopping support for it and leaving you "on your own" is pretty much a guarantee your CC company will side with you.

  • siamak Etezadi

    I was using Sony express version for many years. I must thank you for its cancellation.

    Because I have discovered that  RawTherapee. it is better and powerful and it is FREE.

    within couple of hours I learned enough to handle my routine image processing. Yet has lot more to offer as I learn more about it.

    Good riddance Capture One


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