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Are we on a sinking ship?



  • Jerry C

    Of the 20,000, I reedited about 10,000 images. Many were JPGs and did not get reedited. I had already moved from ThumbsPlus (which did not work with RAW files) from my Windows computer to Aperture when I bought my Mac Pro about 2008. All of these moves were forced by a change in hardware or by Apple dropping Aperture. I would probably reedit very selectively if I were moving from Capture One to another platform. I would continue to use Capture One to access most of my old images as long as I could use it until I would be forced to migrate to the new platform. For this, I would duplicate all of my edited images in TIFF format so I could have a copy of the edited images, unless there were a process for using Capture One previews to view them (not to be confused with JPEG Quickproof for exporting offline previews, which requires a functioning Capture One). Assuming media continues to get cheaper, I would import my RAW files and TIFFs into the new platform.

    Regarding my feelings for Apple after it scuttled Aeprture, it was disappointing and confusing, but it was not, even then as good a RAW file editor as Capture One version 8. Apple could have afforded to keep it as a separate platform from Photos and develop it, just as they did not drop Final Cut in favor of iMovie. Perhaps they lacked vision or thought they could not compete with Adobe and others like Capture One. Neither seem characteristic of Steve Jobs. It did indicate that if a company like Apple could sink Aperture, how likely were other much smaller companies to weather the competition if photo imaging software was their only product? This is why I have an exit plan from Capture One, challenging as that is and much as I am a fan of Capture One.

    Apple as a hardware company makes great products that just work and I like the architecture of the Mac OS. To me, some of their bundled software is not so good, however. For example, they have nothing to challenge Word. Still the integration of their products and ease of use is hard to beat. When I left the Windows environment, I was tired of the complexity of dealing with the highly manual ways of setting things up, like networking or dealing with the challenges related to the Windows registry. Windows is much improved in this respect, but I still have a registry phobia. So, I can forgive Apple for dropping Aperture largely because it led me to Capture One.


  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    Now we have something new to worry about from Capture One - sudden license malfunction or incompetence.  I open my same copy of Capture One that I just ran yesterday and I get this:

    I own a legit perpetual license for this version of Capture One.  And, the dialog offers me only two choices, neither of which I want.  I don't want to Quit and I don't want to deactivate the license.  I want to use my legit license. So, not only did Capture One screw something up, but they don't even have the common sense to offer me the option of specifying the license key they appeared to have lost.  If you're curious, I have not installed a new version in weeks so nothing changed on purpose in my installation.

    This fricking dialog is modal to so I can't even get to any of the items in the Help menu to check what version of the software it think it is running or go to the license key stuff.  Can they be any more incompetent?

    And a laptop that I also have this version of Capture One on works just fine.  So, the license key itself is apparently fine.  Somehow, they've screwed up this copy of Capture One.


    This is supposed to be version 16.3.4, but it won't even let me get to the About menu item to check that.  I do not plan on upgrading to 16.3.6 (or whatever the current version is) since they make the upgrade process across multiple devices a pain when you don't see anything you particularly need in the release notes (and some releases go backwards in stability).

    When I check the web-site, I have two licenses active and one unused license remaining for 16.3.  The two licenses should be this computer (that doesn't work) and the laptop (that does work).  I don't have it installed on any other computers.

  • Martin Tolley

    I had what maybe a similar issue, with C1 saying my current perp licence was invalid. Support said it might be a Windows issue: "I would suspect the reason for the sudden authentication request is somewhere in the OS update (it could be also a minor, behind the scenes change, not necessarily a Windows full upgrade).". For me, the date of the latest Win update certainly did seem to correspond to the onset of the validation query.

  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    Martin Tolley - So, why can't they just verify the license then?  All internet traffic is working just fine on this computer.  I've been using the computer for much of the day (not in Capture One until now).  And, why are these the only two options offered when neither is what I want?  I want to tell it to either "reverify the license" or let me "enter the license key".

    I'm starting to believe that Capture One just has fragile software and then when something does go wrong, it hasn't been code appropriately to handle that and offer you a gracious recovery.  Poor programming.

  • Charlie

    I think we need to ask ourselves a few questions.
    1. Do you have a product that is of value?
    2. Does that product meet our workflow needs now and in 6 months?
    3. Does that product represent the best practices in the industry?
    *4. If not. What in the market place, offers value, meets a multitude of workflow practices, maintains cutting edge updates with desirable tools? Is the answer C1?
    For me I'm glad I've kept my Adobe license(s) current. The new Ai masking tool is a game changer.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    How do you assess your criteria, as listed in your comment above?

    What do you mean by value, for example? Are your personal examples of value the same as most other users?

    How can you predict what you will need 6 months ahead? How can you predict what may be available by then?

    Which specific areas of functionality determine, for you, what does or does not represent "best practices" for an industry that is quite varied in that respect in terms of the practices required for different purposes?

  • Charlie

    Every good professional has a complete toolbox, each tool has a desired effect and outcome. Some may use the available tools with greater or lesser success depending upon their experience.

    I have and continue to supported C1, though I have found over the years the shifts with C1 perplexing. My continued support will depend upon if the tools being offered keep in step with my workflow and more importantly produce the desired results.


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