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Isn't time to support Hasselblad?

Not currently planned



  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Please look for other posts on this topic and upvote them vs starting your own thread. More votes on a single thread will get more attention.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    Bear in mind that Phase One, Camera company, and Capture One, the Software Company are now operated, so far as we can tell, as separate companies.

    As a long-time user you probably already know that and the long history of the relationship between the Scandinavian camera manufacturers.

  • hollywoodstills

    SFA yeah -- I thought so, sadly of course, but certainly there must be a support agreement, licensing and the such.  Any loss of one, could harm the other.  

    Actually searched here a bit on that history but didn't find anything from the company.  It's interesting that companies like Backblaze (for instance) are so transparent -- but I don't find C1 to be the same in regards to exactly why they don't support ONLY this camera.  You'd think it was a national security issue or something....

  • Helen

    hollywoodstills you can take a look at the main thread here:
    There is a comment from the CEO on this matter.


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