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Improve purple / blue / green lateral fringing correction and add more customisable settings



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    +1 from me.

  • john hardiman

    Looking closer at DXO removal of the purple fringing on other examples, I can see occasional unwanted side effects to other colours when the fringing is removed (as can also happen in LR).

    Didn't have space in post to fit Capture One comparison of this image so I'll explain it.  Capture One was able to remove most of the chromatic aberration but left some purple fringing behind.  On the positive side it did not have unwanted side effects of discolouring the fine red branches. 

    1. DXO no chromatic aberration correction


    2. DXO with full chromatic aberration correction (no fringing correction): Reds in fine branches also removed as unwanted side effect.

  • john hardiman

    More examples:

    Capture One with Chromatic aberration and purple fringing turned on:

    Result does not remove all fringing, blue and yellow can be seen on side of white wall.

    Example 2: DXO with Chromatic aberration and purple fringing turned on:  Obvious colour fringing has been removed. No obvious side effects in this case.



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