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Capture One 16.3.5 shuts down when a DNG file from DXO PureRaw3 exported to C1



  • Roberto Picó Pastor

    Mismo problema 😥

    Al convertir archivos NEF a DNG Capture One se cuelga. 

  • Pierre Lagarde

    Same problem here.

    After some trials and investigation, it appears that C1 crashes on any folder containing a DNG file, even if it was previously included and edited in catalog.

    Removing the DNG file in the Finder from a folder opened in C1 makes C1 work, but it crashes again if you put it back in place.

    No problem with 16.3.4.





  • Thomas Berndl

    Problem confirmed!

    I updated to 16.3.5 and I'm having the same problem. I'm using a Nikon Z8 and DXO to denoise the NEFs. Without the DNGs in the catalog folder everything works fine with 16.3.5. Putting them back makes C1 16.3.5 crash right at the start with the same message Ron described.

    Stepped down to 16.3.4 and everything works fine again. 

  • Jeremy Henderson

    Bug report filed. Apparently it is known, but the fix will probably not be in the next service release.

  • RonNikon

    The latest release 16.3.6 fixed the problem!!!


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