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Setting Capture Folder by scanning barcode or entering text



  • Eric Valk

    You may have to “roll your own” with some help, but I think its doable.
    I already have scripts that create folders and collections, and that look up things

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    This feature may be available in Capture One Enterprise.


    This is very possible but not a small job. 

    Barcode scanners are keyboards ultimately - so the dialog box trick works to capture the device input - however you need to trigger that somehow, and usually that is a shortcut (so more faff and wiring).  

    Better (as Walter says) is Enterprise as this has Barcode reader support and event scripts for the triggering. 

    I've built both - I'd recommend the Enterprise version for the better workflow if you are doing this with any sort of volume. 

  • Eric Valk

    i'll stand down then and let you boys sort this out

  • Sheldon Sabbatini

    Thanks for the input!

    I'm coming at this completely green to any applescript or scripting in general, I'm sure it's something my brain thinks should be way easier than it really is! - I'm fine hitting a hot key to run the script, I don't need any automation to trigger that part.  

    I guess I'm really looking for help with finding a folder within the Capture Parent folder that has the name "x" and then setting that folder as the capture folder. The data entry method for the search is the easy part.  

    Emory Dunn has a script that does something similar where it "Moves the capture directory up or down the list of favorites relative to the current capture directory." and I've been trying to use that as a jumping off point but so far no luck.

    For simplification.

    • I'd hit hotkey that runs a popup and asks for text input. --This part I have working!--
    • I input "Folder_3" and hit enter --This part I have working!--
    • C1 finds >Capture>Folder_3 and sets it as Capture Folder. --This Part Hates me and I can't get to work--

    Do some shooting.  

    Then hit the hot key and enter the next folder text to find.


  • Rick Allen

    Is there a reason you need to have the folders made already? It would be more straight forward to create the folder based on the barcode scan.

    If you are simply going from folder_1 to folder_2 then you don’t really need to scan a barcode you could just have a script set the next numbered folder as the captures.

  • Sheldon Sabbatini

    Rick Allen - legit question!

    The reason is that there are times when you need to revisit a certain folder multiple times over the shoot, not necessarily in any specific order and the example of Folder_1, Folder_2, etc. was simplified.  In a real case I would be using product ID numbers as the folder name.

    As an example:

    • 5 angles of a product to shoot.
    • Shoot an angle of a product but then it needs style change (or set change) so you move to next product (folder).
    • Eventually you come back to the first product so the entry or scan would find and set that folder as capture folder. 
    • This would cover a situation where there are potentially 100's of product numbers and it's really to shave seconds off of each instance of a product coming back to the table and having to click, scroll, click and set the capture folder.  

    Does that make sense?  

  • Eric Valk

    It’s quite possible (in fact my scripts do that) to have a script create a folder only if it’s not present.
    The question is, if the requested folder is already present what should the script do?
    1) Nothing and move on 2) Alert the operator and stop 3) create a new Folder with suffix added.
    #1 is the simplest, #2 a bit more work, #3 even more work

  • Sheldon Sabbatini

    Eric Valk - Thanks for the response!

    In my situation, if the folder is present, it's none of the above.  Ideally the folder IS already present, and when found, the script would

    #4 - set that folder as the capture folder.  


    Now if the folder isn't present (say a new product gets added to the mix at some point) then the script would create that folder and set it as the capture folder.




  • Sheldon Sabbatini

    Eric Valk - your last question made me think really quick...hard to do!  ;p


    Emory Dunn's Make New Directory Script actually does exactly what I need it to do.  If I hit a hotkey that starts the script, then scan the product id.  If that folder doesn't exist, it creates it and sets it as the capture folder.  If it DOES already just sets it as the capture folder.  So the first time through a run of products it would just create the folders, and then when i scan a product that has already been parially shot, it will just select that folder again. 

    So...maybe some small tweaks to make it smoother knowing the use but I think in general it's the bones of what I needed.  


  • Eric Valk

    It sounds like that will work

  • Sheldon Sabbatini

    Now...if I could have that script automatically run when an event happens (5* rating is applied to an image) that would be even better!  Eliminate the need to hit a hot key.




    There are no events for rating change, only:

    Capture Done, Batch Done, Processing Done, Bar code scanned, App started, App Closed, Live View started, Live View Closed. 

    I guess a workaround is to make a macro script which does 5 stars and then runs the rest of your workflow above, then wire your usual 5 star shortcut the script. 

    You can add shortcuts to scripts like this:


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