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Sony A7r II, I need to save on SD card while I'm tethered



  • Okular

    No, there is no option in C1 which I know but it is also not necessary because you can and must set this in the camera. The position of this setting might be differ by camera model (I'm shooting A7RIII now) but should be found in the menu Setup - PC Remote Settings - Still Img. Save Dest.: Choose PC+Camera.

  • Joeri Peeters

    The Sony A7R2 does not support this.

  • TJ

    Hi Joeri. Thank you for your response and confirmation. It's too bad since it's a top-of-the-line camera back during the day. This camera was known for all its tech features, but Sony missed that feature. As Okular mentioned, the following model (and newer ones) support this. Cheers.


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