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Cannot read Panasonic RW" raw files



  • Eric Valk

    Seems rather odd. I have the TZ100, so can’t comment directly.
    These compatibility lists are typically if not always accurate, and support for the TZ200 was added was added over 4 years ago in version 11, and Panasonic has not changed the camera firmware since 2019.
    Are you using a Mac or a PC? - I recall some issue with Windows not uploading or showing Panasonic RAW files, but its fuzzy because I’m a MAC user. Something to do with not having a driver or a codec for RW2 files.
    If you are having problems on a Mac, perhaps check permissions
    In any case, open a support ticket.

  • katherine561

    It's frustrating that Capture One doesn't support the .RW2 files from your new Panasonic DC-TZ200D. To address this, ensure you have the latest software updates and camera profiles for Capture One. Consider using alternative software temporarily, such as Adobe Lightroom, which may already support your camera's RAW files. Contact Capture One's customer support for assistance and keep an eye on future updates. In the meantime, you can use Panasonic's software to convert .RW2 files to .DNG for compatibility with Capture One. CatNeedsBest


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