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external editing with masks



  • Richard Huggins

    The current beta for Topaz Photo AI allows masking of noise removal (apart from raw noise removal if you open a raw file there). So your problem may be solved there. Not sure how far away from commercial release it is.

  • Tammo

    That is a nice feature, but would leave me with creating the same mask in Capture One and Topaz Denoise.
    Also, does Topaz have the same comfort in Mask-Creation that Capture One provides (AI-supported masking f.e.)?

    And it takes quite some time to create a mask as well as being being repetitive and futile as I already created the mask, I just am unable to use it on a file edited outside of Capture One.

    Being able to re-import an externally edited picture onto a masking layer would be much preferable.


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