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Tether without limits has one big limit!!



  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Adding to this .. the Apple mobile hardware ecosystem is not very diverse and is well defined. By contrast the Android universe is very diverse. Porting a macOS system to the iPadOS and iOS universe is palatable and the market segment is substantial enough to justify it. Android would require a complete rewrite on an unknown platform with a degree of diversity that would quickly overwhelm developers and support staff. I'm guessing the investment simply isn't worth the return at this point.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Hi Duane,

    99.9% of the 70% mobile market probably has no clue about what "tethering" means.

    Plus, as C1 have mentioned previously, the Mobile code is a rework of the regular Apple code as it already exists for Macs.

    If Microsoft had persisted with Windows for Mobile there might have been way to satisfy the wishes of non-Mac users, though not Android users.

    Much as I would like to see an Android version of the mobile stuff, if I really needed or wanted the facility I recognise that I could simply dive into the Apple world without the need to be about Android version levels and whatever overlays the phone manufacturers were deploying as time passed.

    So I could support the concept fully yet doubt that there is much to commend it commercially right now.

    Maybe, in the future, once the products are more mature and fully featured (in so far as mobile computing and storage power will allow by then), the commercial proposition will change.


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