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Quick way to copy one metadata to another photo



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    I either use the adjustments clipboard

    or the small arrow icons at each individual tool (eventually together with the shift key, you can see an explanation in a tool tip by hovering over the icon):


    Here is an overview of all options:


  • Sasha

    Thanks, before you answered, I just figured out the small arrow icons at each individual tool as well, thanks :) 

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    If image B is created from image A and the meta data was already in image A, then is should be possible to create Image B with the metadata included.

    Also, if you have the metadata for image A displayed (i.e. image A is the selected variant) and image B is also showing in the browser, you can drag image B from the browser to over a field you want B to have from the A data, the B should update with the same data. 

    This is especially useful is you have multiple images to select and drag in a single action.


    All options do the same thing in the end but, depending on what you need to do and how you hope to do it, one option may be more appropriate and another. It's good to have options.

  • Sasha

    SFA , thanks but the real situation is I use film to take such photo, and scan it to get image A was low res ( with metadata ) many years ago; and now I rescan it and get image B with high res ( without metadata) and the earlier person just answer.


    But thanks a lot :) 


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