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  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    Hi, Daniel Remaud 

    I've moved your post to a more suitable section of the forum in the hope that you will be more likely to get someone there who can answer this for you.


  • John Friend
    Top Commenter

    The best way is to watch for a sale on B&H or Adorama where a new perpetual license is regularly (at least once a quarter) offered at $179 and very occasionally even less than that.  I don't find the loyalty program all that useful as the only time you can get 40% off is shortly after you just bought a new license (which kind of defeats the whole purpose).  If you wait very long to upgrade, then you don't get the 40%, whereas the $179 regularly seen at B&H and Adorama is 40% off and a patient buyer will always be able to find it if you watch several times a week for a month or two.

    FYI, you can see what your current loyalty program offer is by logging into your account on the Capture One web-site and clicking on the person icon (top right of the screen) and it should show you your current loyalty offer.


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