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  • Andriy.Okhrimets
    No, as actually, all tools to create your own styles are in C1.
    You can create most of looks by using Color Balance tool. And basic controls.
    That gives a lot of flexibility.
    If required you can add grain with Film Grain Control.
  • Christwo
    May be nice if we could have a sharing of styles repository on here, what do you think?
  • SFA
    Phase partner Capture One Complete offers some styles for download. ... &Itemid=79


  • Matt Plahtinsky
    I have created a lot of interesting styles but have not manged to zero in yet on the look i'm going for. I guess I need more practice. I'm still getting use to C1 and just recently switched from LR. It would be cool to have a place to exchange styles and such. Still think i'll end up created a facebook page for those that want to exchange styles.
  • Jim_DK
    We made the COmmunity (see what I did there) page with the release of 9 for this purpose: Alex Svet and Paul Steunebrink have downloadable styles for Capture One. ... unity.aspx

    Happy to link other sites if anyone has one: just make a support case and ask it be escalated to me.
  • Cameron Davidson
    I wrote a blog entry about all the available styles for Capture One. This includes those you can purchase and also quite a few freebies.
    [url] ... pture-one/

    I also wrote additional blog posts about several producers of styles for Capture One. I showed one image and applied the different styles to show how they changed the photograph.

    C1 Styles (UK based provider of film styles - more oriented toward grading than film emulation) They have samples and the styles are quite good.

    Alexander Svet's excellent color film emulation styles - Capture One Film Styles Alexander probably has the most extensive sets available including film grain presets for use with C1 v 9. I use his Portra 800, 160 and Tri-X presets all the time.

    A look at Alexander's black and white styles - these are really quite good. Capture One Film Styles B&W


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