How to fully remove Capture 1 v20 image data?



  • gb
    NNN636966804357677015 wrote:
    So I installed the free version of Capture 1 for Fujifilm but just used the defaults. It copied my photo data from my D: drive to my C: and almost filled it up. I uninstalled C1 but want to get rid of the data too. Where do I go to find the data?

    I have searched my C: for anything called Capture One but I still have only 12 GB free.

    Why not take a note of the name of one of the D drive images that got copied over and do a search for it on your C drive.
    That might get you close enough to the rest of them.
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  • SFA
    It sounds like you ended up with a "Managed" catalogue (all of the images imported inside the Catalogue's folder structure) whereas a "Referenced" catalogue would used the original images from where they live on the D: drive.

    If you cannot find the folder for the catalogue by name try a search for .cocatalogdb file(s). The should only be one but depending on what you may have attempted whilst C1 was installed you may find more than one and likely a backup.

    That should guide you to where the image files are.

    If not, and you were processing RAW files, just search the C: drive for .RAF files and see what happens.

    I am assuming that the files will not be hidden but if nothing turns up they might be.

    And I assume you have checked how much data capacity it sitting in the system trash waiting to be finally eliminated (ideally none of your images from the D: drive though ...)

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  • NNN636966804357677015
    Thanks all for the replies. It did not occur to me to look for RAF files as C1 had created a folder called Lightroom Data on my C:. Just to be safe I moved it to a folder on my D:. LR works OK and my C: is 50% free now.
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