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Panorama processing - workflow?



  • Jan-Peter Onstwedder
    I am sure my workflow is not optimal (!) but it works for me. I process the individual images in C1 using lens correction, especially correcting vignetting and distortion. I usually shoot the images on full manual so white balance and exposure are consistent; if you shot them using an automatic mode then ensure you correct colour in particular. I will use clarity but no sharpening to create 16 but TIFFs, and then I import those into Affinity Photo to create the panorama. Quite straightforward 😊
    I use Autopano to create panorama, it is very powerful and easy to use,
    however it has been stopped for further development.

    Here are the settings I won't touch before stitching:
    Saturation, Contrast

    A little bit of tweaks:
    Sharpening (just to bring up the loss due to demosaicing or anti-aliasing)
    de-Noise (just a bit)

    Tweaks to bring exposure and color transition between every picture looks natural:
    Exposure, Brightness, HDR, GND etc

    I do use TIFF 16-bit as export

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