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How to manage catalogs with the same photos in C1 and LR?



  • Dave R
    If I were you I would do the move in CaptureOne, in my experience Lightroom is far better for finding moved folders and images.
    Also see this thread
  • Rui Baptista
    Thank you! That's a sensible suggestion.
  • Ian Leslie
    Why are you moving images? Both LR and C1 can just reference images where they currently are. When I made the move I just created a C1 catalogue that pointed to my exiting images.
  • photophart
    As with IanL's answer, I'm using both C1 and LR and they are both looking at the same directory of RAW images. Since LR and C1 have different catalogs saved in different places this actually works. What's tricky is remembering what you did to which image in which app. To simplify I have individual export directories for each app when I'm finished working on an image. It only gets messy if I export an image from LR and then decide to work on that exported image in C1, or vise versa.
    Regards Mark

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