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TIFF file management



  • H. Cremers
    Pareshk wrote:
    Hi - sorry if this is a dumb question...I'm a beginner:

    when I send a processed raw file out for finishing touches, the round trip is in TIFF format. Sometimes I want 2 or 3 dif versions & that's a lot of TIFF files to store after finally exporting to JPEG. I can delete them of course but then I'll only have the processed raw file & not the variations if I someday want to make changes. What do others do in this situation? Thanks.

    Depends what you mean with "finishing touches", but the latest version(s) of CO (> 8 ) can actually do quite a bit of retouching. Not to the level of a pixel editor like photoshop obviously, but therefor it depends.

    Other than that, i keep the TIF's that are important to me as derivatives (e.g. for panos, hdr or focus stacking). O do catalog outside of CO, though.
  • charles kasler
    Thank you!
  • NN635396047151619350UL
    I delete all tiff that are older than 3 months

    I've never had a client ask for one older than that.

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