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  • Ian Wilson
    The key to this is not to move the files using Windows Explorer. Instead, do it within Capture One, using the Library tools. Find the files on Drive A that you want to move then drag and drop them to the desired location on Drive B (within the Library tool Folders section. That way, Capture One keeps track of where the image files are.

    Alternatively, if you have moved a whole folder of images from Drive A to Drive B, you can use the Locate function to tell Capture One where the whole folder is - you don't have to do it image-by-image. Right click the folder in the Folders section and choose Locate...


    Edited to add: you may well want to keep everything together on one drive, but a Capture One catalog can work OK with images on more than one drive.
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  • NNN636749878567953047
    Thanks for the reply, Ian, and the general info.

    The trouble is that the files are spread out across multiple folders, and I don't see an obvious way within CO to filter files by pathâ€"are you aware of any such function? What it seems like I'd want is to do a search for all files containing "A:" and move them, but it doesn't seem straightforward to do so.
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