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What does your Capture One desk look like?



  • Paul Steunebrink
    Hi Boris,

    I have a 22" monitor sitting next to a MacBook Pro (lit closed).
  • William Middleton
    I have two monitors.

    I do like two monitors for many things at work... However, I have two on this machine because I replaced an older and not so nice monitor with a better one. I kept my old monitor

    So, the old monitor displays tools and thumbnails for my usual C1 workspace. If I am following along on a web tutorial, I can change the workspace to show tools and thumbnails and image-to-edit on the one nicer monitor and display a web browser on the second.

    If I had a notebook and external monitor, I might use the notebook display to sometimes show the tutorial or whatever.

    If you wonder how my workspace within C1 looks, I have made a couple custom tabs.. Not many. I have one or two floating tools I place at the top of the screen and dropdown when I need them. Hide them, otherwise.

    Thinking now.. with tablets so cheap, I imagine an option to my second monitor to display tutorial would be to just prop up my Nexus 7 next to the mouse and watch the tutorial on that.. :^)
  • Moin
    Hi Boris,

    I have one monitor (27'') but will get another one as soon as I can afford it 😉

    I use a Wacom tablet for editing, which I enjoy very much because it gives much more control (e.g. when drawing a mask) compared to a mouse. It was a hard time for me getting used to this tool, but now I'm pretty comfortable with it and use it most of the time - even when not editing images.


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