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Continuous backup during tether, or just after shot complet



  • NN635396047151619350UL
    I use a raid 1 mirror drive, writes to both drives at the same time.
  • Corey Riggle
    I run chronosync manually whenever it's convenient, usually between shots. You can run it on a schedule, every 5 minutes if you find it doesn't impact Capture One performance. I always use the the mirror backup setting and synchronize deletions. Mirror seams to work better when backing up to a network server, so I use it for everything.

    Many places I work don't backup which i think is a serious mistake. You want to have two copies of the job in case of failure but you also want a backup incase you make a mistake in the working copy. A RAID 1 setup will not protect you if you do something accidentally to the shoot.

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