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Use same catalog on NAS on Windows and Mac



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter
    You might like to search NAS on the forum. I don't have one, but there have been quite a few posts from users who find it doesn't work well with C1. (Maybe some find it's OK, too. I am not sure, which is why I suggest the search and a good read of some of the posts.)

  • NNN636995058493121387
    Well, I know that it works well when I use the catalog on my NAS, because I have a fast connection to my Nas. The question is whether the catalog can be damaged when I open it once from my windows desktop and then with my Mac?
  • Jan-Peter Onstwedder
    C1 can 'lock' a catalog to avoid damaging it when multiple users have access to it. That should do it.

    I am intrigued how fast your connection is as mine (gigabit ethernet to a Synology NAS) is workable but hardly fast...

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