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Lock or protect a variant?



  • SFA
    Not that I am aware of.
  • Paul Steunebrink
    It does not exist as such that you can lock an image between other images. Technically it exists, as images that are in the Trash collection, are marked read-only. I understand you do not want to go that route. 😁

    Alternatively, you could work with Albums and even better Smart Albums. With a rating, color tag, or combination of both, or keyword, you can make an image disappear from your general collection and only surface in the specific 'Do not touch' collection.
  • Lars Hennings
    Hi, a simple way, make an EIP, copy it and save it outside C1. Reg. lars
  • John Quinn
    Thank you for all of the suggestions. Happy New Years!
  • Hans Knikman

    I think that would be a very useful option to lock a variant against accidental changes. All other handling of the variant should still be possible like putting in another collection, printing, etc.


    All the options mentioned in the comments are rather cumbersome workarounds. 

  • Dickon Whitehead

    The EIP file option is designed to allow transfer of edited images between systems with edits intact however whenever I use it it seems to fail to load adjustment masks making it pretty useless. Not sure if its all masks or just a random selection that go missing but it is a very significant failing.



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