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HELP!!!! What is this?!



  • NNN635174155194889008
    Adding to this..... I've realized that if I work off of a different computer on capture one this mark is not there. I've also just completed a shoot done via memory cards and the marks are still showing up on all the photos in the same places. But not on a different computer. I'm totally stumped. I do not want to work off of my laptop but it looks like there will be a lot of it in my future. Help please!
  • SFA
    What are we looking for - the grey patches?

    Looks like some sort of warning area but those are usually coloured.

    Obviously if you are seeing it on one machine but not another using the same files (but with different edit status? - I.E. not the same edit files? Or a different catalogue?) then it is something to do with the settings of your C1 workspace. Either that or you have something strange going on with that machine. Do you see the same problems with other images in C1 using that machine. Images from a different shoot?

    Have you used an LCC adjustment for the tethered session? IS there maybe something being applied that you are not expecting? A strange inadvertent overlay file perhaps? They might apply if the marks are always in the same place. If they move ... much less likely.


  • Drew Altdo
    Have you checked the Color of your Hightlight warning?
    The color of your Focus Mask?

    My guess is one of those options is turned on as SFA suggested. However, if that is not the case you're welcome to supply a RAW file with Settings to Support and we'll have a first hand look.

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