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Cap1 Pro Prof Tips - Removal of Hot Pixels



  • Keith Reeder
    And what kind of "announcement" would you expect, given that it's on the blog page anyway?

    Or are you seriously suggesting that every little article, every posting, every tip, warrants a separate announcement?


    Besides - the Single Pixel slider is hardly "news".
  • SFA
    Peter wrote:
    This post is a substitute for a recent non-announcement by PhaseOne.

    Cap1 users may be interested in reading this interesting 'hot pixel' article on the Prof Blog page.



    I think the principle Phase have adopted here is that people can subscribe to the blog (and other random but regular information and semi-marketing items) if they wish and not if they either don't have an interest or would prefer to browse the links posted on the web site (not so much the forum) from time to time.

    I have subscribed to the blog for some time and the regular email popped up over night.

    I don't seem to have a problem with hot pixels fortunately. I have one camera that has 3 or 4 but it's a pocket convenience device so not critical in most cases. I had forgotten some of the detail about the purpose of the Single Pixel adjustment and to see a full description was good but, to me, not critical. So the email subscription is a great way, IMO, to receive such a communication and ensure it does not get lost in the noise of the forum.


  • Peter Jones
    Hi Grant

    You make perfectly valid points. But what seems simple for experienced, longer-term users of Cap1 may not be straightforward for relative newcomers. Also, by using email notification rather than a 'proper' announcement board PO is 'hiding' developments away from potential Cap1 customers who browse the PO Forums out of interest. And it does not encourage Cap1 users to have a joint discussion. (So many registered PO users yet so few active participants in the Forums.)

    At first (late last year) I was quite shocked at this PO reticence but now, I confess, I am seeing it as just 'the norm' for PO - as you do, presumably. But it need not be so (imho)! So, until PO tell me to be quiet I will continue to keep nudging them to be more open. This is not a criticism of any PO or Forum individuals. But I do suspect it goes to the heart of corporate PO culture, which under-sells what PO and Cap1 can do for the discerning photographer.

    By the way, did you see the recent AP article on DxO and Lightroom? Despite being a regular user of both, I found it a very useful refresher! How do we get the new-look AP team to do something similar with Cap1? (I know - not my business. But I like to think that I am using photo software that gets its rightful share of the plaudits. A comparison of Cap1 Pro v7 and Silkypix Pro v6 would be interesting - to me, anyway.)

    Thanks again for your thoughts.


    P.S. Yes, 'Hot Pixels' may be old news for some. But for others (night owls?) it might be critical; and I find I benefit from an occasional reminder of software tools and techniques that I rarely use. So many thanks to the Prof and his team.

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