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Software for designing and printing cards?



  • photophart
    I use C1's powerful process recipes to create files of the type and dimension I need for a project in a directory placed wherever it is convenient: say, the desktop. From there I use Affinity Publisher to create my card and then grab the photos from that special directory.
    Regards, Mark
  • Delwood
    Hi Mark,
    I will give Affinity Publisher a try. Is there any way to import layouts from other programs? Do you have any tips for export parameters in Capture One that sync well with making a card? Should I be exporting TIFFs or something else?

  • Lars Hennings
    HI, this is the Afpub forum. It´s really simple to work with. lars ... n-desktop/
  • photophart
    Delwood, the topic C1 Process Recipes is pretty big. David Grover does a great job of explaining it in the C1 webinar here: ... ipes-co11/
    For use in other apps I usually output to TIFFs as most of the software I use can deal with them.
  • Brian Patterson
    Not sure if I understand your end product correctly, but Vistaprint is pretty diverse for output purposes, unless you’re just looking for a one-off photo print of these ‘cards’.
  • NNN637096684400799720
    Are you a beginner in designing and printing cards?

    I've been using it for quite some time and it never fails me when it comes to eIf yes, you should start with C1 the interface is friendly and you can get a lot of tutorials on how to use it on the internet.

    You can avail this online for around $300 a little expensive but worth to get.

    If you want you can wait for the upcoming <inurl:=>black friday deals</url> this is where I bought mine

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